August 19, 2015
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August 21, 2015
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Missing the Critical Appointment

Last Friday, the organizers of the brand-new Failure Institute invited me to be at their launch event. "Come share your story," said Ron Brumbarger. "Bring your book, Failure: The Secret to Success." I was excited, and looking forward to the event. So I marked it on my calendar and kept going with my day.

Unfortunately, I made a key mistake. It's all too easy to do this, as anyone who has ever had a busy calendar and a full day can attest. I marked the right time, the right day of the week, and the right location---but the wrong week. I was ready to attend the Failure Institute kickoff program exactly one week later than it was actually happening.

Naturally this isn't a world-altering failure. It's not going to cost me much, except a little embarrassment. Although, screwing up my plans to attend a Failure Institute event does constitute a rather humorous form of irony.

What should I have done instead? Taken my time. Adding events to the calendar is something which is trivially easy to do, but also incredibly easy to mess up. We are in a constant rush to get to the next task, and that which seems straightforward is easy to consider as unimportant.

I try hard not to blow appointments. The best way to make sure that the big things get done is to do the little things well. And, to admit when you fail.

Sorry I missed the program. Next time, I'll be more cautious.


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