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August 12, 2016
2016 4Q Summit Preview
October 19, 2016
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2016 3Q Summit Recap

Our 3rd Quarter Summit on August 26th achieved our goal of equipping attendees with resources and relationships to navigate through failure. One of the most gratifying comments we heard from many was that this was a different kind of experience. Nikki and Will Gott expressed it well in this short video taken after the event.

Our first failure story came from Chris “the Brain” Hoyt. Chris’ message resonated so profoundly that one of our attendees came to Chris after the event and described the soul-searching she was doing as Chris described selling his home and ridding himself of things that were not essential.

Duane Weber is Director of Sales for the IndyChamber and brought our second failure story. Duane told of his rapid rise to success in a business venture that just as quickly failed. As Duane recounted his personal experience, he facilitated a small group exercise to help our participants apply the lessons learned from his experience to their own experience. We learned that when assimilating the lessons learned from a failure, it is important to distinguish between those causes that were attributable to circumstances beyond your control and those that were due to choices you made.

Our 4th Quarter Summit from will take place at Bitwise Solutions from 8:00 am till 9:30 on October 28th. One of our stories will come from Anurag Garg.

Anurag is the Founder and CEO of Dattus, the winner of this year’s Mira Award for Best New Tech Product. You won’t want to miss Anurag’s failure story and lessons learned.

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