An Invitation to United Airlines Chief Oscar Munoz to our 2Q Summit
April 18, 2017
Registration Open for Third Quarter 2017 Summit
June 26, 2017
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Second Quarter 2017 Summit Recap

The Failure Institute’s reputation is growing. We are increasingly becoming known for being a unique venue for building trusting relationships and a safe place to be authentic. The room was packed on April 28th and no one left when it was over – that’s what a successful Summit looks like to me.

Our first failure story-teller was Grace Conyers, Co-Founder of Insanitek, a business incubator for independent researchers and inventors. Grace told a memorable story from her military career about defusing a bomb during a training exercise. Her failure had a lasting impact that she described in vivid detail. Grace went on to identify the role of stress in contributing to her failure and then shared some tips for managing stress.

Our second failure story-teller was Jack Frisby, the owner of Optimize Selling Solutions and author of “Stop Selling… Start Serving”. Jack shared his very personal failure story from early in his career as a salesman. In contrast to Grace’s very public failure, Jack pulled off the side of the road alone in his car, as he acknowledged his failure. Jack facilitated our small group discussion that precipitated a lively exchange at every table.

Third Quarter 2017 Summit Preview

Our Third Quarter Summit is coming up on August 25. We will be at Westside Church (8610 W 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46234) again. Our first failure story-teller is Andy McSheffery. Andy is an experiential-based trainer, facilitator and educator, specializing in working with sales, production and marketing teams. Our second failure story-teller is Aaron Dimmock. Aaron served as the Navy Representative to the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Military Professionalism in the Pentagon. More recently, he formed the Collective Performance Initiative.

Registration is open for our Third Quarter Summit. Register today and add it to your calendar before less significant tasks crowd out this opportunity. There is no cost, but seating is limited.

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Failures, Missteps and Discovery: Why Leaders Should Embrace Mistakes

The mission of The Failure Institute is to provide resources and relationships to navigate through failure. While we focus on relationships at our Summits, in our newsletters and blogs, I like to provide selected content I’ve curated. With that in mind, I’d like to highlight a blog published by Suzi McAlpine entitled Failures, Missteps and Discovery: Why Leaders Should Embrace Mistakes. Suzi writes: “If you want to succeed as a leader, get comfortable with failing.” She goes on to summarize six ways leaders can have a healthy relationship with failure. Suzi’s coaching is both insightful and on-target in my judgment.

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