Third Quarter 2017 Summit Recap
September 5, 2017
4th Quarter Summit on October 27
October 4, 2017
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We Have a New Location!

Join us on October 27th at our spacious new location,, which is the new home for Apprentice University. We’ll be hosting our 4th Quarter Failure Institute Summit here with easy access from I-74 in Brownsburg. Our new venue comes at an opportune time as our ranks continue to grow.

I’m looking forward to having Kristin Van Busum, the Founder and CEO of Project Alianza, share her experience in Nicaragua with us. Kristen was a presenter at this year’s TEDx Indianapolis event and she has a quintessential failure story from which we can each learn.

Registration is free, so there is no reason to wait – sign up to join us today.

Eventbrite - The Failure Institute Q4 2017 Summit

The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure

One facet of my role as the Chief Mentor in Residence at The Failure Institute is to curate content for you that supports our mission to provide resources for navigating through failure. At the top of my recommended viewing list for those who are interested in best practices is Astro Teller’s talk at TED2016. Astro Teller (what a fitting name) is the head of X (formerly Google X). His entire 15-minute presentation is fascinating; however, in the last two minutes he describes the secret sauce at X for assuring a healthy attitude towards failure that has been built into the DNA of their organization. I encourage you to view it with your notebook and pen — or stylus and tablet – ready to take notes.


Eventbrite - The Failure Institute Q4 2017 Summit

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