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September 25, 2017
Time is Running Out to Register for Our 4th Quarter Summit on October 27th
October 17, 2017
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4th Quarter Summit on October 27

We’ll be hosting our 4th Quarter Failure Institute Summit on Friday, October 27th from 8:00 to 9:30 am at our spacious new location, TheWell.community, which is the new home for Apprentice University. You will enjoy easy access from I-74 in Brownsburg. We now have plenty of room for everyone, so please forward this invitation to someone you know who would benefit.

I have been working with Kristin Van Busum, the Founder and CEO of Project Alianza, to select the most relevant elements of her story to share with you. I met Kristin at this year’s TEDx Indianapolis event where she presented her gripping failure story. The mission of her organization is to provide children living in the coffeelands the education and skills they need to break free of generations of poverty. Kristin and her team are performing miracles in Nicaragua today… but that’s not how her story began and it’s that part of her story – and lessons learned – that Kristin will focus on.

Registration is free, so there is no reason to wait – sign up to join us today.

Eventbrite - The Failure Institute Q4 2017 Summit

Fail Fest and Mayor Joe Hogsett

I attended Fail Fest 2017, presented by John Wechsler and his team at Launch Fishers and Launch Indy, on September 21 at The Union 525. This year, groups of students from all over the city joined us for the event. Matt MacBeth and Edwin the Duck were on the program. Matt told me he was well-rehearsed from his presentation at The Failure Institute 3rd Quarter Summit. I took lots of notes, but my favorite quote came from Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. Mayor Hogsett told us: “Every elected official at every level – Federal, State, and local – we would be better off if each had lost an election. They would be less risk averse.” Mayor Hogsett went on to say that elected officials’ inclination to protect their job at all costs would be mitigated if they had experienced electoral failure and overcome it. He told us he had lost 3 of his 5 elections, and those losses charted his path to his dream job as Mayor of Indianapolis. It’s gratifying to learn that interest in Fail Fest is growing and other cities are interested in hosting their own Fail Fest event.

Eventbrite - The Failure Institute Q4 2017 Summit

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