Last year, 2015, I resolved to draw something every single day. I chose this as a resolution because I love art and wanted to perfect my skills, which required more regular, disciplined exercise than I had previously been dedicating to them—I would maybe sketch something once a week. I actually succeeded for several months by keeping a Bible Art Journal, although I didn’t always draw every day.

However, when the trees budded, flowers blossomed, and warm breeze swept the last wintery chills away, my consistency vanished as well. There were three specific lessons I obtained from this resolution. First, starting a Bible Art Journal helped me dig into the Scriptures in a unique way, with the purpose of trying to illustrate the truth of the verse or passage. Second, goals must be realistic and attainable.

Instead of trying to draw something every single day, I should have set a goal of drawing 3-5 times a week, which would have allowed for a busy schedule and other life events. Finally, I learned that persistence and steadfastness are HARD. It is easy to be swept away by the happenings of life; it is much more difficult to carve out a bit of time, each and every day, to just relax and do something that you love.

This year, my 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to draw 2-3 times a week in my Bible Art Journal, and I hope to say on December 31, 2017, that I fulfilled my resolution."

Grace Murrell, co-owner of Time Two Create at