Our ranks continue to grow and every seat was taken for our 3rd Quarter Summit of The Failure Institute. It is gratifying that our reputation is spreading for being a unique venue for building trusting relationships and a safe place to be authentic. Once again, no one left when the event was over -- which is what a successful Summit looks like to me.

As promised, Edwin the Duck came to The Failure Institute, along with his co-inventor, Matt MacBeth. Matt’s failure story is still in-progress and, at the last minute, Matt had to go out-of-town to explore an opportunity. His virtual presence at The Failure Institute Summit only added to the suspense and reality of his unique failure story. Matt is a great storyteller and deftly handled an extended Q&A from afar with our attendees.

Our second featured story-teller was Andy McSheffery, an experiential-based trainer, facilitator and educator. Andy shared a very personal series of failures as a young adult that led him to develop his Seven Components of Success that has become the core of his training. Like everyone in the room, Anna Kantzavelos from the Nora Apothecary, was taking copious notes throughout Andy’s presentation. Anna graciously gave me permission to share her notes with everyone. (See below)

Fourth Quarter 2017 Summit Preview

Our Fourth Quarter Summit is coming up on October 27. It will be a treat to have Kristin Van Busum, the Founder and CEO of Project Alianza, join us. Kristen was a presenter at this year’s TEDx Indianapolis event and she has a quintessential failure story to share with us. Save the date – you won’t want to miss this Summit.

Registration will be open soon for our Fourth Quarter Summit -- I’ll have all the details for you soon.