Our 4th Quarter Failure Institute Summit at our new location, TheWell.community, was a great success. Every seat was filled and all were captivated with Kristin Van Busum’s “failing up” story. Kristin is the Founder and CEO of Project Alianza, and shared with us her disappointing failure that was transformed into an opportunity to provide children living in the coffeelands the education and skills they need to break free of generations of poverty. Kristin challenged us to be an ally, to be open to -- and take time to listen -- to good ideas from everyone, to reach out to the other side, and to demonstrate grit. When Kristen showed the photo of the school that was built (below), there was spontaneous applause. Photos of the event are on our website and can be viewed here.


Preview of 1st Quarter 2018 Summit

On December 15th we’ll open registration for our 1Q 2018 Summit that will take place once again at TheWell.community. Our previously announced presenter, Aaron Dimmock, is no longer able to be with us that day and has been rescheduled to the 2Q of 2018. I’m pleased to announce that Gary Varvel will be our presenter on January 26th from 8:00 to 9:30 am. Gary Varvel is a national award-winning political cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star and Creators Syndicate. His cartoons appear in 125 publications and in 2015 he was inducted into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame. Along with his cartoons, he has recently taken on a new role as a columnist. His work can be seen at www.garyvarvel.com.